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Online therapy
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Confidential and personalized sessions with a trained therapist to explore emotions, thoughts, and behaviors for personal growth and healing.



Specialized counseling aimed at addressing the psychological and emotional impact of past traumatic experiences to promote healing and resilience.



Guided support and mentorship provided by an experienced professional to unlicensed therapists, fostering their clinical skills, professional, and ethical development.


Private Practice

Expert guidance and strategic advice for therapists to establish and grow their successful private practice, optimizing operations and client engagement.

Therapy Sessions
The Practice & Approach

Healing Words Counseling is an individually owned counseling practice that offers clinical trauma-based and holistic therapy to adolescents as young as 13, adults, and families. 

At Healing Words Counseling you are appreciated and accepted for who you are, unconditionally and without judgment.


Here, we'll process your life's journey. We'll explore the joys, the "bumps" in the road, and all of the unexpected detours.

Here is where clients learn to overcome a variety of challenges, including trauma, depression and/or grief, anxiety, family discord, interpersonal and intrapersonal difficulties, and communication issues. This is the practice where people begin to heal from past experiences that have left them hurting or feeling incomplete.

Using empowerment tools and techniques such as journaling, coloring, and drawing, clients are taught to access the inner recesses of their thought processes. 

**I am licensed in the state of Colorado, and Registered to provide telehealth therapy services in the state of Florida. For FL residents the following link is required to be posted on my website:

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About me

I specialize in providing high quality, individualized services. I have a passion for working with BIPOC individuals who desire to process their experienced traumas and heal in a way that brings them to their healthiest and best selves!


When you work with me, you will feel a warm, friendly, and empathetic presence. Together, we will work to help you evolve into the best version of yourself.


I use an eclectic mix of person-centered, humanistic approaches, Brainspotting, ACT, EFT, IFS, and some aspects of CBT, and narrative therapy when working with clients.


Let's begin your journey to healing! 

Getting Help

Seeking professional help for life's stressors and trauma is crucial as trained professionals provide guidance, support, and evidence-based interventions to navigate complex emotions, develop coping strategies, and facilitate healing, fostering overall well-being and resilience.

Some of life's most common issues manifest as:








Self Esteem Issues




"Your present circumstances don’t determine where you go; they merely determine where you start."

— Nido Qubein

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